Bike Patrol - Additional Information

Medical Assistance:

All patrollers carry basic first-aid kits and are certified in the use of the kit. Some patrollers have additional wilderness first-aid training. A Patroller will (with consistent) provide basic aid to a rider needing medical assistance. No payment is required.

Mechanical Breakdowns:

If a rider has a mechanical breakdown, the bike patroller will typically carry basic tools as well as extra tubes and flat repair kits. The patroller will guide the rider through the steps in repairing these basic issues:

If required the patroller will make certain the rider safely gets back to the trail head or a location where they can be picked up using their vehicle.

Note: Except for life threatening situations, the Patroller will not perform the actual mechanical repairs.

Patrollers also:

Help pick up and pack out trash (we all are responsible for that!) Perform minor trail repairs, assist in providing directions to lost riders. Other as needed; Identify illegal activities to the local authorities, Support local events (races and festivals).