Ocala Mountain Bike Association
November 8, 2008
Trail Party

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Girth Bikes.com

13 of Florida's hardest working mountain bikers showed up today to volunteer for some much needed work on the Vortex Freeride area.  Work was done on the landers, and trimming of those weeds that never end.  A lot of progress is being made, hope to see you next month!!
Casey, Lucy, Jakob and Lucas Girth Bikes sponsored this month's workday. 
They provided lunch, drinks and free t-shirts for all voluntters.

Here they are taking a break from the action:
Casey, Lucy and children Jakob and Lucas.

Thanks Casey for all that you do!!
Tim Mulhall Steve Wingo gettin 'er done by the Wall Ride.
Larry Dirt jump dude - sorry I didn't get your name!!  Working on a lander.
Tim Tim Mulhall:  I am Master of the DR Power Wagon!!!
Paul:  you're doing just fine Tim, keep it up.
Yeah.... I'm using a pink shovel.  You got a problem with that!
Robert and Melissa Robert and Melissa.  Their first time at an OMBA trail workday.  They drove all the way up from Palm Harbor.

It was a pleasure meeting you guys.

You kicked butt!!!
Brian Schuman, inspecting our work.  He liked it!!
598 shovels, 599, 600!! 
And when does the "fun" part come in?

Seriously though... Robert said he had a good time.
Butterfly The kids catching butterflies.
Lucas, John and Jakob.
Girth Bikes giving away some free t-shirts.
Bre Schuman and Brandon.  OMBA standards:  1 supervisor for each "worker".