Ocala Mountain Bike Association
September 6, 2008
Trail Party

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We had another good turnout this month, 33 people showed up!!  We had a great time working on the Skills area at the Santos Trailhead.  All of the landers at the Vortex area were repaired - trails were trimmed east of the Landbridge and on the Santos side.  And 9 trees were removed from the 49th Ave Trail.  A lot of progress is being made, hope to see you next month!!
Mark Hall The "flow" at the Skills Park was in need of improvement... volunteers get ready to get started on that project.
Tim Mulhall Rich Bulgrin explaining the extra terrestrial markings at the Santos Trailhead.
Giving the rock features some much needed trimming.
Doug Chopping back the weeds!
OMBA VP, Rob Ern, explaining the route.
Rob: I think it'll flow better if we go this way.

Rich:  Yeah ok, you're the boss.
Volunteers getting started at the Skills Park.
OMBA Prez, Tim Mulhall, supervisin'

How many people does it take to dump a wheelbarrow of dirt?  Count 'em.... 3!!
Rob:  "Ok, I think we have a plan.  Let's get started!!"